Setting Goals for 2015

As the year comes to an end, it is time to start planning for 2015. A new year often brings new goals. Start constructing your goals today!


25% of people abandon their new year’s resolution after the first week and 60% abandon it after six months. To avoid becoming one of these statistics here are five tips to help you fulfill your goals for 2015:

  1. Write your goals down. Putting something down on paper helps hold you accountable.
  2. Tell a friend. Tell a friend about your goals. A good friend will help hold you accountable and help you find ways to achieve your goals.
  3. Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal. Envision your success. Doesn’t it feel good? Now go and get it!
  4. Set deadlines. Most goals are not accomplished overnight, it takes a little work every day over a long period of time. Create benchmarks for yourself.
  5. Be realistic. Your main goal might be big, so set a realistic accomplishment for the year. I can’t personally build my dream house and work a full time job in one year, but I can work a full time job and complete a portion of a house. Don’t set yourself up for failure, be realistic!

In 4-H we are constantly pushing kids to think about goals they want to accomplish, but don’t forget yourself.


Once you have your own goals set, help some kids set a few! A good resources for helping kids think about 4-H related goals is the Goal Setting Leader’s Guide to Helping Youth.

Start setting some goals!


4-H Winter Fun!

Are you looking for something to do over winter break? 4-H has some great offerings. Come on out for a great time, learn something new and possibly whip up a great treat! Registration is required, so hurry up and register today!


December 29, 2014


Whole Grains and Tasty Treats OSU Extension Conference Room Come learn a little bit about whole grains, grinding your own grain, and baking tasty treats! 4-H members FREE

$5 non-members

December 30, 2014


OSU Babysitting Training OSU Extension Conference Room This training is designed to train youth in many aspects of babysitting including first-aid, baby care, toddler care, healthy snacks and easy meals for kids to cook and eat, business tips, age appropriate games and safety. Those completing the training will receive a certificate and a wallet sized completion card.


$20 Cash or Check at the Door
January 2, 2015


Young Entrepreneur’s Handcrafts and Hobbies OSU Extension Conference Room This day camp gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from locals, discover how to start a small business, and explore different handcrafts and hobbies that could lead to businesses. We will craft, build, design and learn the basics of getting a business started. $10 Cash or Check at the Door

Hood River County 4-H, What is so Great About 4-H?

Hood River County 4-H has great traditional 4-H program where youth can bring their prize animals to the county fair, bake prize winning muffins and sew award winning outfits.


What is so great about 4-H is that there is so much more to 4-H than what we think of. 4-H is teaching kids about science, nutrition, careers, citizenship, expressive arts, leadership, post secondary education and much more! 4-H helps provide youth with a foundation of skills and mentors to help them become successful adults. The projects that kids choose to participate in is just the hook!


This blog is designed to help shed light on some of the great programs that 4-H offers in Hood River County as well as provide educational resources and tips for 4-H volunteers, and community educators.

P1000466So, what is so great about 4-H to you?