Manure Management, Get the Scoop on Poop

Anyone that has animals knows that manure happens. Many 4-H projects fall into the animal category and create their fair share of manure. It is important to make sure to include a manure management system into any animal project. The system may be as simple as spreading out the manure or creating a compost system.

Do you have an animal?


Do you have a manure management system?


The following chart shows approximately how much manure is created by each species in a six month time frame:

Table 1. How much manure do we get?

Animal Cubic yards/6 months
Horse                     5.5
Cow (1,000 lb)       7
Sheep                    0.5
Chicken                 0.25
Pig                         1.5
Data: OSU Extension publication EM 8649

Now, what do we do with it? This Living on The Land Managing Manure article shares a variety of different ways to handle manure responsibly.

  • Drag Pastures
  • Collect from all season pens
  • Use it
  • Give it away or sell it
  • Store it

Check out the article or the audio files and share with your 4-H club! Chances are not everyone has thought about the manure management side of an animal project.