Manure Management, Get the Scoop on Poop

Anyone that has animals knows that manure happens. Many 4-H projects fall into the animal category and create their fair share of manure. It is important to make sure to include a manure management system into any animal project. The system may be as simple as spreading out the manure or creating a compost system.

Do you have an animal?


Do you have a manure management system?


The following chart shows approximately how much manure is created by each species in a six month time frame:

Table 1. How much manure do we get?

Animal Cubic yards/6 months
Horse                     5.5
Cow (1,000 lb)       7
Sheep                    0.5
Chicken                 0.25
Pig                         1.5
Data: OSU Extension publication EM 8649

Now, what do we do with it? This Living on The Land Managing Manure article shares a variety of different ways to handle manure responsibly.

  • Drag Pastures
  • Collect from all season pens
  • Use it
  • Give it away or sell it
  • Store it

Check out the article or the audio files and share with your 4-H club! Chances are not everyone has thought about the manure management side of an animal project.


Planning the Perfect Coop

It is never too early to start thinking about designing a chicken coop. Perhaps you are thinking about getting chickens this spring, or simply improving an existing chicken coop.

chickens 2

There are lots of things to consider and this publication on backyard chicken coop design is a great place to start. It identifies what to do for protection, size, ventilation, roosting poles, nest boxes and basic coop maintenance. It lays out the basics of coop design and keeps it short and simple!

Then when you are ready, you can check out one of our incubators and start a little chicken family!

chicken family

Having designed my own coop using this backyard chicken coop design guide, I couldn’t be happier. Start your planning!

chicken coop