Animal Pails and Microbe Tales-The Happy Ending is up to YOU!


Yes, our lovely animals may have some tag-a-longs and it is up to you to know about it. Below is a great resource to help teach your 4-H club about bio security and keeping animals healthy.


Winter is a great time to brush up on information, so that you can be ready in the spring to introduce your new market animal to your home.


This animal science lesson can be used across 4-H animal project areas to develop an understanding of microorganisms, or “germs” -and how they are transmitted, and to promote animal health with safe cleaning methods and good management plans.    If you have any questions about teaching the lesson or training your volunteers to use it in a club setting contact

The PowerPoint presentation to be used in this lesson is available at

The Germ Glow kit can be borrowed by contacting


4-H Can Help Our Community

You may have seen in the local newspaper a calling for food donations to the local FISH food bank. If so, I hope you thought to yourself what a great way for my 4-H club to help our community!


4-H strives to give back to others and this time of year is such a great time to do it. Right now, the FISH food bank needs help putting food on the shelves for families in need. Their supply has run short and they need some donations. Your 4-H club could take a day and gather donations or simply donate something from your own cabinet.

Come on 4-H, let’s help out our community. Feel free to drop off a food donation at the OSU Extension Office this week December 1st-5th and we will deliver it to FISH. Our office is open 8am-noon and 1-5pm Monday through Friday.

Check out the Hood River Fish Food Bank and see what else you can do to help.

We Need Volunteers!

4-H Youth Development is a great organization that prides itself on adult-youth mentoring. Hood River County has about 70 adult volunteers each year that help mentor kids. Being a 4-H volunteer provides an opportunity for adults to share their expertise and skills with kids as well as act as a mentor. From livestock and home environment to science and art, we need adult volunteers!

4-H offers several different types of volunteer roles that allow for different levels of commitment:

  • Club Contact/Project Leader– organize club structure; plan/design club meetings; distribute information; provide opportunities in project areas; and help run county wide 4-H events. Start a club in your neighborhood!
  • Resource Leader– help facilitate county wide activities; assist clubs with educational programs; design educational events around areas of interest; actively participate in advisory committees specific to project areas of interest; no transportation responsibilities. Share your expertise with the county and existing clubs!
  • Special Activity Volunteer– organize/plan and supervise youth at special 4-H events. Help 4-H put on an event!

Volunteer and show the kids you care!


The first step to volunteering is to attend a new leader training. We have two training coming up:

  • Thursday, December 4th at 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, January 6th at 5:30pm

OSU Extension Service Annex Meeting Room
2990 Experiment Station Drive, Hood River

Contact Dani Annala at 541-386-3343 x260 or to register.

Chemistry is a Favorite!

In an effort to engage kids in science and create excitement about science, Hood River County 4-H has created Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lessons that introduce students to a career and give them a hands on experience. Chemistry is one of the favorites!


Along with learning about what a chemist is, students have the opportunity to create their own chemistry experiment. Yes, it is a little messy, but it’s for the kids! Kids can either create flubber or a bouncy ball. Kids are introduced to the science inquiry process and for formal educators the lessons are connected to the Next Generation Science Standards. What a great way to explore science!

All of our STEM kits can be viewed online and these kits can be borrowed by contacting



Hood River County 4-H, What is so Great About 4-H?

Hood River County 4-H has great traditional 4-H program where youth can bring their prize animals to the county fair, bake prize winning muffins and sew award winning outfits.


What is so great about 4-H is that there is so much more to 4-H than what we think of. 4-H is teaching kids about science, nutrition, careers, citizenship, expressive arts, leadership, post secondary education and much more! 4-H helps provide youth with a foundation of skills and mentors to help them become successful adults. The projects that kids choose to participate in is just the hook!


This blog is designed to help shed light on some of the great programs that 4-H offers in Hood River County as well as provide educational resources and tips for 4-H volunteers, and community educators.

P1000466So, what is so great about 4-H to you?