Beef it up!

Over the last two years we have seen tremendous growth in the 4-H beef project. Raising a market steer is no easy task and it is a long term commitment. So what gets people excited about beef?

They are awesome! Not only do they have a great personality, but they also have great hair.

beef clinic

This year we’ll be holding a 4-H/ FFA beef clinic. We will have guest speaker Katie Deupree speaking and teaching about caring and feeding, grooming, and showing your beef! This will be a great workshop for beginners and advanced. Come on out and learn from the expert. Katie will probably share some tips on what to do with all your animals great hair!

IMG_2523Be sure to sign up for the clinic on December 14th at 1:00pm at a barn near the Hood River County Fairgrounds. This clinic is being organized by one of our very own 4-H members, Lexi Jones, in her quest to learn more about raising and showing beef.


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