Hood River County 4-H, What is so Great About 4-H?

Hood River County 4-H has great traditional 4-H program where youth can bring their prize animals to the county fair, bake prize winning muffins and sew award winning outfits.


What is so great about 4-H is that there is so much more to 4-H than what we think of. 4-H is teaching kids about science, nutrition, careers, citizenship, expressive arts, leadership, post secondary education and much more! 4-H helps provide youth with a foundation of skills and mentors to help them become successful adults. The projects that kids choose to participate in is just the hook!


This blog is designed to help shed light on some of the great programs that 4-H offers in Hood River County as well as provide educational resources and tips for 4-H volunteers, and community educators.

P1000466So, what is so great about 4-H to you?


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